Vogue’s Ribbed Hat


I celebrated my tenth year knitting last month and I only realized it just now.  I looked back to see when I made the last two Vogue ribbed hats and discovered that the very first piece I made was in January 2006.


Ten years.


I made these simple Vogue ribbed hats in 2009 with Noro Kureyon and gave one to my sister and the other to my sister-in-law.

IMG_0723 IMG_0724

I always wanted one for myself as the color changes in Noro [as we all know] are addicting.

I traveled a few weekends ago and knocked out this hat on the trip.


 Funny thing is I’ve made this hat three times and made it wrong all three times.  The deceptively simple 4 stitch ribbing has a slight twist to the stitch pattern and I never took the time to really read it.  I thought it was a plain 4 stitch rib.  Rookie mistake made three times!

Now I’ll have to make another one.  THE RIGHT WAY.  Good thing I wouldn’t mind at all.




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