Jared Flood Scarf

knitIn 2006, when I first learned to knit, I met a great group of girls [Eva, Kate, Ashley B, Ashley G and then Jenna] who were far more advanced in their knitting skills than I was.  I marveled when they knit barely looking at the knitting and no pattern in sight.

 Knitting dominated the conversation each time we met and I just absorbed what I could and googled the rest, just so I could keep up with them each week.

They told me to get on the waiting list for Ravelry – it was a new website for knitters and there was a long waiting list to be added to the site.  I had no idea what Ravelry was, but I signed up right away.  Now all these years later, I can’t imagine knitting anything without signing on to Ravelry first.

Early on, there was a scarf that the girl’s were making.  It sorta became our signature group scarf – it was a scarf by Jared Flood [back when he wasn’t knitteratti].

It apparently was an “easy” scarf to make.  It was a pattern that was as old as knitting, but Jared knit the pattern with Noro and the girls just had to knit it.  And if they knitted it – I knit it.

I logged on to Jared’s blog and found the post.  Knitting with two balls of yarn?  I’m out.  There was no way I could figure that out, but the girls calmed me down and got me started and it was instant love….it was so cool watching the colors unfold in that simple rib pattern.

I knit mine in Noro Silk Garden [just like Jared did] in colors 264 and 84.

DSC_0010 (1117x1680)

Loved it.

Loved it so much I knit another one in 2014.  This one was in 326 and 338.  A bit more pink, because pink makes me happy.

DSC_0008 (1117x1680)

DSC_0011 (1117x1680)

Totally love it.

IMG_5337 (427x640)

My niece modeling the first color combo.

DSC_0006 (1117x1680)

Both scarves draped together.

And when you have a bit of Noro left over, well you make a Jared Flood scarf for your  favorite Goodwill finds ever.  My birds.

DSC_0012 (1680x1117)

 So what if the big one is cracked a bit.  Still love her.  And now she has a her very own Jared Flood scarf.

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