Vintage Organizer

paintI was searching around etsy and came across a vintage organizer exactly like one I have.  It is a plastic, carved, wood toned paper organizer that RetroMama65 is selling for 25 smackers.


il_570xN.615461710_8y6p (570x427)

Huh?  I said.  I really like mine and I was planning on painting it.

Mine was sitting in the garage, waiting its turn.  See it there on the side next to the boat shelf.  I wish I could remember to take before photos.  Seems like the one I have is a bit darker than retromama65’s.


 I finally remembered to paint it with Typewriter MMSMP when I was painting the shelf for the gym.


I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.


 Of course, I had to stuff some yarn in it.  I have it sitting on my project table and if you think it doesn’t have all sorts of things jammed in it already – you are wrong!  I wish I could keep things neat and organized for more than 10 minutes.

Merry Christmas 2014 all!



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