Felted Bucket Bag

knitThe ladies who own Solitude Wool happen to live in Loudoun County [where I live] and last summer they had a “visit the farm” series of events.  My mom and I were able to attend two of them.  The Solitude Wool yarns were displayed at the events  and they have a great selection of patterns.

The events were a great way to see how the farms take care of the animals, actually see them sheared and learn about everything that goes into running a farm and creating a line of yarn.

I was interested in the felted bags on display and the author of the bag pattern, Sue Burke, convinced me to give one a try.  She helped me selected a multi-colored Tunis/Romney yarn and a pink and teal Karakul yarn to blend with the Tunis, since two yarns are held together for this felted bag pattern.

The bag is knitted in seed stitch which creates a texture once felted.   Seed stitch is v-e-r-y slow for me, but I persevered and finally finished the bag.

 DSC_0033 (1680x1117)

Now to felt it.

Sue gave excellent instructions on how to felt the bag by hand and I considered this a viable option, because I have a front loading washing machine and had no idea how to check the bag while felting it, without the fear of water jetting out from the front door of the machine.  So, after much debate with my mom of the pros and cons of trying it, I decided to felt it by hand.

It took about 30 minutes of kneading the bag in hot and cold water rinses to get the knitting to felt into a thick, sturdy fabric.

DSC_0034 (1680x1117)

I added the Cindy’s Button Company handles I purchased online I think it came out great!

DSC_0036 (1680x1117)

 I love catching a glimpse of the pink and teal bag as I pass by.

DSC_0039 (1117x1680)

I stuffed it full of the yarn my BFF, Sherri, brought back for me from her recent trip to Ireland.  I can’t wait to get started on something with that yarn!

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