Furniture Rescue: Bow Topped Shelf

paintI’m lucky enough to have a room on the lower level of my home that we designated as a fitness area –

we call it “the gym”.

It’s the one room in the house that I avoid like the plague.   The gym has a wonderful elliptical machine in it that taunts me each time I walk by.

As I pass by on my way up the stairs, I hear it calling, “Oh, too busy for me, huh?  Word on the street is you would rather be knitting, painting furniture in the garage or digging holes in the garden than spending some time with me.”

“You betcha”, I mutter.

But when I get to the top of the steps, all huffing and puffing, I remember that exercise is the key to fitness, resiliency and stress relief.  If only exercising was the same, as say, watching TV with my slippers on, then maybe I just might start doing it.  Maybe, I just needed to provide a bit of coziness to the activity to make it more appealing.  More slipper friendly.

So, when my FFF had this piece – a hutch top without it’s bottom – I thought this just might be a solution to my problem.

DSC_0004 (1117x1680) (2)

In my life when I need to cozy something up – I add a shelf.

I added some wheels.  To give the piece some height and mobile flexibility.

DSC_0002 (1680x1117) (2)

I re-stained the vertical supports and painted the shelf in Miss Mustard Seed’s Typewriter, which always comes out gray for me.

Typewriter always comes out gray for me.

I sealed it with wax and brought it downstairs to sit next to the elliptical monster – I mean machine.

DSC_0008 (1117x1680) (2)

It’s a little shorter than I hoped it would be, but it will work great to house all the creature comforts.  The remotes, the heart rate monitor band, the elliptical manual and the slippers that I can use while exercising on this machine.

So, I have zero excuses left to not use this monster.  I’ll start tomorrow :).

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