Wonky Cowl

knitThe Wonky Cowl.  I found this pattern on knitty.com back in 2009.  I had been knitting about three years by then and thought maybe I could extend my pattern choices beyond scarves.  I still love to knit scarves, but this pattern seemed doable.

I had a skein of Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino Superbulky which was the perfect yarn for this pattern.  It knit up quick and had great stitch definition.

Alex getting ready for her close-up.


The basketweave pattern was a bit of a knitting challenge for me  back then.

Alex sporting the Wonky

Alex, my niece, modeled it for me last summer.

Since this was such a snowy winter, this cowl was in heavy rotation in my house.  It seemed as though it was the perfect piece to keep your neck warm without having to deal with the scarf tails.

I’ve always felt that once I knit a pattern I wouldn’t want to knit it again.  Kinda like reading a book twice, but this pattern I would knit again.

Now I just need to search for the perfect yarn.


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