Furniture Rescue: Vanity Chair

paintI was on the hunt for the elusive perfect vanity chair.  Either the chair was too short, the seat was too small or it was just plain ugly.  My FFF posted this little gem and I just had to give it a try.  It had a low back and a wide seat.

It just might work.

Might see if I can distress enough for the back pattern to show through

I loved the scale of this little chair and the low back.

I mixed up a batch of chalk paint using the same color as the walls in the Master Bathroom and started painting.

Waiting for the paint to dry out in the garage

While the paint was drying, I tackled the seat cushion.  This was a well used little vanity chair.  There were no less than four covers stapled over each other on this guy.

Four layers.  I felt like I was peeling back time.

I used the last one as a template for my new fabric.

Cutting out the new fabric

Stapling it on to the seat was pretty easy.  I distressed the paint and this guy was done.

The perfect place to drink coffee and get ready for work.

The chair fits just right in the vanity space.

I think if I can find a set, I’ll add some casters to make the chair a bit taller, but for now I just added some felt pads to the bottoms of the legs, so they don’t scrape the tile floor.

And in case you were wondering, it is sorta weird to see your bathroom on the internet.

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