Aronia Cowl with Nupps

knitYarn-A-Month Clubs.  Love’em.

I’ve joined one so far and the theme was sock yarn for non-sock knitters.  Perfect for me.  I love sock yarn, but am not a fan of knitting socks.

Ya know the whole knit for months and then put them on my feet…where they could touch the dirty floor?  Oh no – not on my watch.

I’ve knit socks, but these socks have never seen the soles of my feet.  So, what do I do with them?  Hmmm.  I carry them around.  I look at them.  I marvel at them.  I wonder how I made something so complicated.  I still don’t know how they were made.  Just followed the tutorial and whamo!  Socks appeared.  They’re nothing special, just basic ribbed socks, but to me they are a wonder of engineering.  And I made them.

Wear them on my feet? Never.

Remind people that I knit these socks?  Constantly.

Basic run of the mill ribbed socks

Anyway, I digress.  The first project in my Dyed-Delights Sock Yarn Club was the Aronia Cowl with the nupp option instead of the beaded option.

“What the hell is a nupp?”  Well, it’s a bobble.  A bobble is a three dimensional design element similar to a bump.  It’s supposed to stick up from the fabric and it creates a cool pattern with textured interest.

I was told to steer away from the nupps.  Go with the beads the wise knitter who already knit this pattern said.  Against sound been there done that advice.  I went with the nupps.  The yarn was a hand dyed sock yarn 50% merino wool and 50% silk.  The yarn is gorgeous and soft as butter, but the sock weight yarn just didn’t have the umpf to hold the nupp in a raised position.

I still love the way it came out and the yarn is just gorgeous.  The Pigeon Roof Studios, 4 ply yarn in the lichen hand dyed colorway is beautiful.

Take a look.

Nupps just barely visible

Oh yeah.

Around the neck

You can just barely make out the nupps in the above picture.

Perfect even on a warm day

Very cute.  Love the green.  Love the lace pattern.

This cowl will be going to someone who really needs her.

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