Furniture Rescue: Buffet

paintIn the blogland circles I roam [DIY, furniture painting, thrift store make-overs] [Yes, there are more people out there just like me.  Frightening as Lee would say.] [I found my people.  People who get me.] this style of buffet or sideboard is quite popular.

When my FFF [Favorite Furniture Finder – if you’re new to my blog] listed one of these on Craigslist – I was smitten.  Of course, when you buy furniture as an accessory, not a life long commitment, it can get expensive and this piece was out of my budget.  I put in my best offer and kissed this piece goodbye.  I just knew someone would outbid me.  As luck would have it, my FFF called and said she wanted it out of her unit and I could have it.


Now, I wasn’t a fan of the original wood finish.  Something about all those different wood tones, it made me a little nervous.  I needed calm. [Note:  That’s the chandelier in the corner of the pic!]

That's alotta wow.

So, I decided on a safe black finish.  Why?  Because Martha Stewart has a room in one of her many, many homes that I want to use as inspiration for my dining room.

Martha Stewart's Living Room in one of her many homes.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw this room.  Pink ceiling and all.  This is exactly the inspriation I needed to make my crazy idea work. Martha’s room has pale yellow walls and a pink tinged chandelier.  I have pale yellow walls and a pink crystal chandelier I bought from my FFF.  Sometimes I buy something and then say, “WTF did I just do”. But, usually there is a reason when my gut tells me to seize the opportunity.

Notice Martha has a black painted piece in her room, probably to anchor all the pastels.  Now I have a piece that will be the anchor.  Black it is.

Once you know what the plan is for a piece, the rest is easy.

Sanding is the sucky part.

I sanded to roughen the surface.  Stripped and sanded the top, because I’m going to stain it instead of paint it.

Painting is the easy part

Started painting.  With latex this time.  Not milk paint.

Waiting for the paint to dry is the boring part

Waited for the paint to dry.

Freshly stained dark walnut top.  I can stare at that forever.

Stained the top and put the piece in my living room until I can start the redecorating of the dining room.


I re-used the original hardware on this piece for now.  I think it blends in well, but maybe something better will work later.

Distressed edges.  Oh yeah.

I just love the way it turned out.

My favorite part of the piece is this decorative trim.

I may line the tray with felt.

I lined the drawers with a music patterned wrapping paper.

Hello drawers

Happy Thanksgiving!

Already put the top to use to display the Thanksgiving Carolers.

Another one done.

Now I just need to find someone to hang that crystal chandelier and paint the ceiling light pink and not call me crazy at the same time.

Wish me luck.

14 thoughts on “Furniture Rescue: Buffet

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  2. Hi Georgie – I love how your sideboard turned out. It looks so opulent. I have been sitting on a similar looking sideboard and unable to decide on a color, but you may have convinced me now! I have used latex in the past also, but find when I distress it, it tends to chip and peel. Yours seems to have more of a rubbed finish and was wondering how you did it. Pinning this one!
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    • I thought long and hard about the color as well. Once I saw that Martha Stewart room I just knew it needed to be black. I painted on two coats and then distressed using a sanding block. Sometimes I get peeling as well if the paint is real latex-y. I tried to use flat finishes as they are less rubbery when you are distressing. You could also mix the latex into chalk paint by adding some plaster of paris or unsanded grout to the paint. Just search for the proportions. When the latex paint has plaster of paris in it – it’s easier to sand off. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. PLEASE tell me what brand and color black did you use. I have been looking for a black paint and yours looks so nice. Please email me with the brand and color black that you used. I love it the piece is just beautiful.

  4. PLEASE tell me the brand and name of the color that you used on your buffet. I have been looking for a good black after seeing different furniture painted in black. I really like yours and it looks just beautiful. Please email me at
    I would really appreciate your feed back.
    Best regards

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