Furniture Rescue: Drop Leaf Secretary Desk

paintTransforming a piece of furniture is like therapy for me.  I think I try to sand all the grief and regrets from my mind and paint over all the things I’d like to do over.  When I’m done with a piece of furniture, I feel like I’ve been put through an emotional wringer.  And I do this to relax!

It is sort of stressful to stare down a piece of furniture that’s had a tough life.   Like this girl for instance.

Original Finish on the Secretary

Someone tried to love her.  They really did, but she could be so much better.  She deserves better.

Dino agrees.  He LOVES furniture restoration days and doesn’t miss a chance to be out in the garage with me with Pandora on the radio.  Sanding dust floating around.  He watches the birds fly by and breathes in the outside air.

I wish he could help me make the decisions about how to fix her up though.

Original Finish on the Interior of the Secretary

She’s got potential.  I don’t even mind the turquoise color – it’s too bad the finish wasn’t executed very well.  There are lots of drip marks.  The hardware needs to be fixed and cleaned as well.

I decided to sand the surface a bit to remove the top coat drips and have a smooth surface for the paint to adhere.  I used MissMustardSeed’s Milk Paint.  Grain Sack for the exterior and Artissimo for the interior.  I was hoping this would be a good palette for allowing the original color to peek through the distressing.

I didn’t take any progress photos, because I was in a zone and before I knew it – I was done.

Chippy paint and distressed edges.  Just my style.

My favorite picture

Dark Blue Interior with the Turquoise Under Layer

Other side.  Paint didn't chip as much.

Hardware was fixed and cleaned

She's ready for her close-up

The milk paint chipped just like it’s supposed to and I distressed the edges with a sanding block to expose the original finish.  The grainsack color is outside my comfort zone.  I usually go for darker colors, but I am so happy with how this piece came out.  I love that the turquoise is coming through the navy blue on the inside.  I added some glass knobs I picked up at Home Depot.  To me they look like sparkly jewelry and dresses up the distressed finish.  Like jeans and a tee-shirt paired with diamonds.

Chevron patterned paper lines the drawers

 I lined the drawers with a gray and white chevron wrapping paper.

I love her and I’m glad she was there for me when I needed to zone out and try to work through all the things rattling around in my head.

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