Ribbon Cravat

knitThe Ribbon Cravat was made after I attended a Yarn Tasting at Fibrespace located in my old neck of the woods – Old Town Alexandria.  Fibrespace hosted a night of Yarn Tasting meaning Kel and Danielle talked us through several new yarns and told us why they were so cool.  They focused on how they were spun and the fibers that were used.

While I find this information very interesting, for me, knitting is all about the fabric pattern that is made.  If you are a serious knitter, you know what I am talking about.  Fabric you can pet and just stare out. Mesmerizing cables or a smooth, neat stockinette surface or a bumpy, crazy cool garter stitch pattern.

Some knitters I know like Kate, have moved on from the fabric love, and really enjoy the yarn.  I am just not there yet.

One of the yarns highlighted that night was a pencil roving from Imperial Stock Ranch.

Pink  Pencil Roving

Yarn made at a ranch?  Done.  You had me at ranch.  Plus, it was just cool and there was pink.  Pink yarn.  Love it.  Roving so thin and light as air.  Just had to try it.  They had the pattern for the neck cravat or the longer scarf and I started on the neck cravat.  My attention span isn’t what it used to be.

Ribbon Cravat

The cravat had interesting features like a ribbon woven through it and a decorative button.  I chose a light pink silk ribbon and used the antler button I bought when on my cruise to Alaska.  The antlers were naturally collected.  No deer were injured in the making of the button.

Alex getting ready for her photo session

My niece, Alexandra, is the model, my sister, Danielle [not Fibrespace Danielle] is the photographer and I am the stylist.  That’s me trying to tie the ribbon just right.

Alex and the CravatAlex strikes a pose

That’s Alex, just looking adorable in the ribbon cravat.

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