Center Row Lace Headband/Neckwarmer

knitRewind Knits + Crochet had me at headband.  A headband that converts to a neckwarmer?  Even better.

I wasn’t thrilled with the Vanna’s Choice yarn used in the pattern, but since I knew my sister would LOVE this and she has a habit of losing what I handknit for her.  Vanna’s Choice it is.  Vanna’s Choice is an acrylic yarn [aka man-made] meaning it would be less painful if it was lost than if it were made with real yarn [aka expensive ass yarn].

It’s all about the sting of the loss.  Note to self….explore loss aversion as you talk about this a lot.

I picked the Taupe colorway – same as the pattern, because Danielle likes all things neutral.  I started this in May and just now finished it.  Last night, I casually mentioned to Danielle that it was for her, but I hadn’t woven in the ends or sewed on the button, so she couldn’t have it yet.

Her squeals of delight had me weaving and sewing frantically, so she could wear it home last night.

Once on her noggin, she demanded to know if I knit 8 hours a day how many could I produce, so she could sell them.  After explaining I knit for pleasure not production, she converted to pushing commissioned sales.  Too funny.

Here she is with her prize.

Danielle sporting her new headband


Yes, I am cute with my new headband.

So proud.


I am one lucky girl having a sister that knits me stuff.

Don't mess with my headband.


You lookin’ at my headband?  My sister knits these.  Want to buy one?

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