Happy Birthday Oliver

knitSo, I learned to knit in 2006.  And, as with all new things I learn, I had no idea what I was doing, but had lots of enthusiasm.  I wanted to knit “things” for my baby niece and had grand plans to knit her a teddy bear.  I did finish a baby blanket for her that, unfortunately has no photographic documentation and was lost on her parent’s watch.  They like to think it was found by some other family and they are getting good use from it.  I wonder if that family appreciates the countless hours spent handknitting it with the expectation that someday it would be passed down to the next generation.  I’m over the loss.  Really, I am.

That brings us to Oliver.

I found the book The Knitted Teddy Bear by Sandra Polley and thought it would be fun to knit her a teddy bear.  They were small, so how hard could it be?

I’ve noticed this is a question I often ask right before taking on something I have no idea how to execute.  Often with torturous consequences, because it can take years for me to wrap my head around finishing it.  Once I start a project, it must be finished.

This is how Oliver started life in 2006.

These little pieces were in an envelope for 6 years.  Waiting for their big day.

Just parts.  Not sewn together.

I picked the parts up last week and FINALLY stuffed and sewed them together.

All stuffed and parts sewed on

Coming right along.

Why didn’t I do this 6 years ago?

At least he is in one piece.

He’s got his little jacket on.  Just needs the final details and this little guy is done.

Oliver.  Maybe I should have buttoned his sweater closed?

Nose and eyes done.  Little buttons for his jacket.

If I really do give this to Norah, I wonder how long Oliver will be in one piece.  Let’s not forget the damage to the tooth fairy pillow…but that is another post. Coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Oliver

  1. Oliver can live at our house. Norah has her posse there. I can see him sitting in the little chair by the fireplace.

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