Thrift Store Make-Over: A Boat Shelf

paintSince my shelf fetish has already been disclosed on this blog,  I can move on to my next shelf project.  I found this boat shelf at my favorite Goodwill store for $4.97.  I recognized it as a wood piece from the old Total Crafts store.  I’m a crafter from way back, and before there was Michael’s, there was Total Crafts.  I bought the shelf thinking I would paint it.  It sat in the garage for many months and I finally started on it after my blue milk paint arrived in the mail.

The boat shelf was a mix of light stained wood and blue paint.

DSC_0023 (532x800)

I thought it would blend in better with other wood tones in my house if it were a darker stain.  So, I stripped and sanded the light finish off and re-stained it in Minwax’s Dark Walnut.

DSC_0030 (532x800) DSC_0031 (532x800)

I then painted the small drawer and the sides of the interior in MissMustardSeed’s new blue color Artissmo.  Artissmo is almost the same color that was originally painted on the boat shelf.

DSC_0040 (532x800) DSC_0039 (800x532)

Watching paint dry is one of my hobbies.  Yours too?

DSC_0041 (800x532)

Once the milk paint was dry, I distressed the edges and sealed it with furniture wax.

I found a compass knob for the drawer.  To install it, I just drilled a hole in the center of the drawer.


She’s all done!

Boat shelf installed

Finally, a place to put all of Lee’s light houses.

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