Fence Boards: Tool Boxes


Second Project

I couldn’t wait to start making the tool boxes with the old fence boards I mentioned in this post.  I had all the materials I needed except for the handles.

Fence Boards ready to be tool boxes

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors used a vintage drill press for her handle and I didn’t have anything like that on hand, so I figured a small tree branch would have to do.

Funky Junk Interiors inspiration toolbox

My roommate [aka my mother] wanted to hit a few yard sales last Saturday with Dino and Markey.  Two dogs at a yard sales is not a good idea, but this yard sale was close to home and it turns out was in a cul-de-sac with a wooded area.  So, one dog went with me hunting for a stick and one dog went with my mom hunting for treasures.

Dino and I found a great branch with an intertwined vine that I’m hoping is not poison ivy.

Branch from woods

Markey and my mom found a mirrored backed display case ($4) and a sun tea jar with no handle ($1).

Mom, Dino [brown], Markey [Gray] and yard sale treasures

Mom, Dino [brown], Markey [Gray] and yard sale treasures

Ready to make it.  I measured and cut the boards to make a long tool box with tapered sides.  I used a piece of deck wood for the bottom, since it wouldn’t be seen and I didn’t want to waste my old wood.  Lee jig-sawed the ends to narrow down the wood side pieces.

My brother was visiting, so he helped Lee with drilling the holes for the handles with a hole bit attached to the drill.  Nothing like putting your brother to work when he visits.

Lee and Bill making it happen

We threaded the tree branch through the holes in the side pieces.  Done!  Just in time for dinner, so I didn’t get a chance to decorate it properly and then I was told to “move my artwork off the table”, so we can eat dinner.  I’m pretty sure this is my house, but some days I’m not so sure.

Long tool box done.  Told to remove it for pending dinner.

Since I had a few board pieces left,  I wanted to make two smaller tool boxes.  It sure was  easier the second time around.  Lee cut the wood and drilled the side holes.  This time in flip flops.  Think maybe we should get a drill press now, huh?

Lee drilling holes in driveway in flip flops.  Don't do this!

Lee drilling holes in driveway in flip flops. Don’t do this!

Lee and I assembled the first one, then he disappeared, because the Redskins game was starting. The nerve!  We’re in the middle of a project.  It came out pretty good though.  I even tried to decorate it this time.  Insert plant from counter.

Tool box Lee and I assembled.

Tool box Lee and I assembled.

My mom and I assembled the second smaller one.  We were running low on tree branch parts, so we stuffed all the smaller branch pieces we had through the holes and wrapped twine around the branches to hold them together.  Not bad.  I stuffed it with my milk paint and brushes.  That’s decoration to me!

Tool box my Mom and I assembled

Tool box my Mom and I assembled

Dino and I walked the meadow and cut some flowering “wild flowers” to finally decorate the long tool box.

Long tool box with wildflowers

Old fence boards and wild flowers from the meadow.  All in a day’s work.

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