Furniture Rescue: Bar Stools

paintI have a bar area in the basement that we rarely use.  I figured if there were chairs to sit on perhaps we would use it more often.  So, I logged on to Craig’s List to see what my FFF had for sale.  What’s an FFF?

Some people have a BBF.  I have an FFF.  My Favorite Furniture Finder.

She knows who she is and she knows what I like.  Tonight she is dropping off a cathedral shaped cabinet that was too big to fit in my SUV.  Just wait.  I’ll take pictures of it soon.

My FFF had these two bar stools from Poland listed for sale.  If these stools could talk, right?

I liked the bentwood detail under the seat, so I took them home with me.  I had plans.

Bar stools all the way from PolandBack view.  I liked the fan detail.

I thought the stools would look best in a sleek black color.  I took the seat cushions off.

These seat covers have heard it all.

I mixed some satin black paint with 2 tablespoons of un-sanded grout to make a chalk paint and started painting.

All painted.

As I was painting, I thought some of the details would get lost if the chair was all black, so I left the bentwood detail under the seat and the fan back unpainted.  Since the original stain on the wood was a bit red, I found a stripe that had both red and black stripes along with a bit of green to blend with other colors in the basement.  If I get tired of the stripe, I can just re-staple new fabric on the seats.

Here they are in their new home.

Ready for some fun! Please sit on me! We're ready for some a-c-t-i-o-n

  So far, no one has sat on them yet.

But, the bar area looks a bit better with a pair of stools ready for some a-c-t-i-o-n.

3 thoughts on “Furniture Rescue: Bar Stools

    • Agreed. I do have the glasses, but for some reason when that enormous blade hits the wood, my eyes clamp shut and I shout out “Holy Sh*t”. It’s kinda like miter saw Tourettes. I’m hoping as I get used to the jinormous spinning death blade I’ll at least be able to keep my eyes open. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog and read it often. Love the patches on the pillows.

      • My previous house owner left his miter saw when he moved. I lucked out and used it till it broke…..on to number 2 now. Pretty sure that I’ll hurt myself with the nail gun first. Glad that I found your blog too, I plan on keeping up with you now.

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