Those Frappuccino bottles are so darn CUTE

Things I've Painted

Some people collect cows, erasers, mechanical pencils, hallmark miniature ornaments before they discontinued them, miniature chairs, Byer’s Choice Caroler dolls, yarn, or corks.

I collect Starbucks Frappuccino bottles.  Well, I drink Frappuccino’s and then can’t throw the bottles away.  They’re so darn cute.

What to do with them?

Take a quick look on Pinterest to see what others have done with those little bottles.  Quick my ass.  Pinterest is like crack.  Time EVAPORATES on Pinterest.  It’s like a black hole of “someday I’ll have enough time to do that – might as well pin it.”  Yeah, right.

I digress.

Hmmm.  I have an idea.  An actual original thought not lifted inspired by another blog or pinterest.  What if I re-created this spice-carousel-turned-craft-gadget-holder with Starbucks bottles!?!

Spice carousel turned gadget holder

I was given this carousel years ago and recently painted it with Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint in typewriter.  I distressed the edges to let the original finish show through and I was in love.  So, how hard could it be to make one just like this, but bigger?

I measured the 1 x 3 wood on the tiled kitchen floor.

Measured out the side pieces.

Had Lee cut it on a sheet over the kitchen tiled floor.  Lee works best barefooted.  Even around saws.  Don’t try this at home.

Toes optional.

This project prompted the purchase of our new Hitachi 12″ compound miter saw.  Oh yeah!  Love this thing, although I’m a little afraid of it.

Just sayin’.

I don’t think you’re supposed to use it with your eyes closed.  Must be a girl thing.

Hitachi Miter Saw.  Oh my.

I traced out the holes for the bottles and drilled them with a hole bit attached to the drill.  This project also prompted the discussion of buying a drill press.  Maybe next project.  A girl has to try.

Traced out holes for bottles

That’s a lot of holes.  The top and bottom were cut.  All were sanded.

Done.  Everything is cut and sanded.

Now, on to assembly.  I stood the bottle holder side pieces on the bottom piece until they were in the correct spots to hold the bottles. And, we simply Gorilla glued the bottle holder sides to the bottom and top pieces and we were done.  I found a lazy susan swiveler online and my mom stopped by and picked it up for me at Home Depot.  I attached it to the bottom of the unit and the hard part was over.

I then stained the piece in dark walnut hoping to mimic the finish on the mini-me spice carousel. Once the stain was dry, I painted it with Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint in typewriter and filled the bottles with all kinds of craft crap.

Ta daaaa.

Oh it's done.

Swivels and everything.

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