A dress for Barbie

knitI often wondered if some day I would have a niece who would play with Barbie’s just like my sister and I did.

Me and my sis playing with Barbie's.  I'm maybe 6, she's about 4.

Circa 1974-ish.

There we are.

Action shot, setting everything up in just the right spot with just the right accessories and outfits.

All proud of our little arrangement.

My mom had a friend who hand sewed clothes for our Barbie dolls.  I remember there being a  wedding dress.  I would kill to have those clothes now.  It would be so cool to check out the hand crafted details.

The Barbie products of my niece’s generation are synthetic with lots of Velcro.  Now, I’ve learned that Velcro is actually a good idea.   Barbie has some pretty dramatic measurements that are nearly impossible to re-create in clothing.

I thought what kind of Aunt would I be if I didn’t knit my niece some clothes for her Barbie.  How hard could it be?  The clothes are so tiny.

I searched Ravelry for just the right pattern and found a website LOADED with 100’s of patterns.  The site is called Sticka till Barbie.  It’s an interesting international site with more patterns than you could ever knit.  Styles right out of Vogue.

Where do you start?  How do you pick one?

After much searching, for my first outfit, I choose a sheath style gown with eyelash yarn trim at the bottom, so Barbie could glam it up a bit.

Whaddya think?

Barbie in her pink sheath dress with an eyelash yarn trim

Now, I can’t show you the back, because what I had to do to get the dress small enough at the waist required numerous hand sewed snaps that my niece pulled off in mere seconds after giving her the dress, but from this angle Barbie looks pretty good.

I  wonder if Norah will remember one day that she had hand-knit clothes for her Barbie and in her memories the clothes were just perfect.

I hope so.

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