Thrift Store Make-Over: Framed Chalkboard

paintOne of my favorite thrift stores, The Treasure Hound, is run by the rescue group, Friends of Homeless Animals [FOHA].  We’ve been  short-term fosters with FOHA since April, 2013 and we love it.  The Treasure Hound is located close to where I live, so it’s easy to stop by and peruse the loot.

I couldn’t resist this round, gold frame found on one trip.  For just a couple of bucks, it was coming home with me.

Round Frame from The Treasure Hound

I decided to make a chalkboard out of it.  Hany, my brother-in-law, cut a circle with my new jigsaw out of some melamine board that Lee had in the garage.

Back side of frame

I painted the smooth side of the board with Martha Stewart’s Multi-surface Chalkboard acrylic paint.  I painted on about three coats and when it was dry, primed it by rubbing the flat side of the chalk against the board.  I popped the board into the frame and this project was done.  Now I just need to figure out where to hang it.  The side of the chalk may have scratched the painted surface, so I may need to paint on another coat of paint and prime more gently next time.

Finished frame.  Perfect for a quick message

I just love the small, round frame  – it’s great for a short and sweet message.

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