Calorimetry with a dash of Marion


A browse through Knitty’s Winter Edition in 2006 found this little gem – Calorimetry.

A headband and neck warmer with a button in the back that holds it all together.  It was easy to knit in Crystal Palace’s Mochi Plus colorway Treasure Chest.  The Mochi Plus is variegated, so the stripes just appeared as I knit.

As  usual, my sister, is the model.  Dimples make any little headband just that much cuter.

Speaking of cute.  How about a mini sis?  Look at this little moose.  My niece, Norah, wrapped in a “Marian” cowl.

Norah Models Marion Cowl

I put Marion in quotes, because as my good friend, Kate, says – “it’s a Marion Cowl.   Just grab some Malabrigo-Rasta and cast on 48 stitches and K1, P1 until the yarn is gone.”  When Kate gives knitting guidance, I don’t ask twice, so with Rasta in hand.  I knit until this cowl emerged.

I did find a similar pattern on Ravelry named Marion, but it is a much longer version.  Wildly popular cowl though.

How’s this for cute?

Alex models Marion Cowl

My other niece, Alex.  Too cute in the Marion.  We had a fun Sunday night posing in the knits.

Of course, Norah, had to try the Calorimetry as well.

Norah models Calorimetry

Love those girls.

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