Echo Wrap: a reversible drop stitch mobius

knitKristin Omdahl designed this wrap for her book A Knitting Wrapsody and I loved it from the first minute I saw it.

Now what yarn to use?

Malabrigo Chunky.  Yep.  In Dark Earth.  Pure Merino Wool.  Soft as cotton balls.

A cruise through Ravelry comments had me concerned about the cast-off, but I figured I would tackle that when I came to it.  Luckily, Kristin made a video of the cast-off and it explained everything.  Turns out it was easy peasy – just hard to explain in the pattern.  Nothing like a video to solve all of life’s problems.

So, I knit and knit and came up with this.

Echo Wrap

I have to say the dropped stitches were the best part.  Terrifying to drop a stitch, but it produces such a cool pattern.  I tend to use buttons that blend in to the knit rather than contrast with it, so I chose a coconut based brown button.

My sister, Danielle, was gracious enough to model this wrap for me.  Dimples and all.

Echo Wrap

Echo Wrap

I hope to wear this wrap often in the office when it gets chilly and I just want to snuggle with something knit.

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